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Brigade Komarla Heights in Bangalore
Brigade Komarla Heights is a neighbourhood of apartment buildings. The Brigade Komarla Heights is ready to provide you a wide range of possibilities. There are separate kid's and toddler's play areas for the safety and enjoyment of the children. Another water feature that contributes to the Brigade Komarla Heights' beauty is the pond gardens. Sensory greens, outdoor swimming pavilions with separate kid's pool and adults pool, tree plaza, fitness path, volleyball court, basketball court, cricket pitch, tennis court, cycling-track, 7-a-side-Soccer Field, elevated walk-paths, Skating Rink, and community garden are just a few of the exciting features on the property.
Educational institutes are top-notch with below entities

Carmel School
Prarthana School
Deccan International School
Sri Kumaran’s Children's home(SKCH) Composite PU college
Jnana Vijnana Vidya Peeta
Healthcare providers are excellent with leading hospitals like

D.G Hospital
Yogananda Multi Speciality Hospital
Motherhood (opposite KIMS)
Agarwal Eye Hospital
Medall Clumax Diagnostics
Hillside Hospital
Jayadeva Hospital
29. září 2021 v 07:05
Birla Tisya
Birla Tisya is a pre-launch luxury residential area by Birla Estates on West Bangalore's Magadi Road. Apartments with 2, 3, and 4 bedrooms are available at this location. Any real estate development's master plan will illustrate how the property will be perceived. The virtual model or design on the board will become reality once the construction procedure is completed. Anyone with simply rudimentary apartment knowledge will be able to comprehend what he will be receiving in the near future as a result of this. Birla Estates has a reputation for producing high-quality project specs. Modern technology are being used to construct structures that are safer, faster, and more environmentally friendly.
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28. září 2021 v 22:31
raghu 2Fbadcreditlo
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